Monday, 8 August 2011


3/6/2011 (Friday)

Assalamualaikum. Today’s class is reading.

Urgh... that what word were come out of my mouth when miss talk about reading but when we start learn it fun actually and I like it. We just learn about ‘how to answer the question’. We usually, read all the texts that had given but now we no need to read all.  We just can only scanning or skimming. Miss Zu gives handout and she want we try to do it.

I laugh when the text have many weird words. Hahahah....
Seriously I don’t know what type of that language. Ahah... This is what the...


• This is a selective reading skill to locate facts and answers to specific questions.

• Save the time. No need to read every word on the page.

• Examples : timetable, chart, tables.


• Reading skill employed to obtain the general idea of a text, to find out the writer's point of view and to see
  how  the contents in a passage are arranged.

• When a text or a passage is too long and we have limited amount of time, we use this technique.

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