Monday, 8 August 2011


14/6/2011 (Tuesday)

Assalamualaikum, we meet again. Today's class is acting again…

Miss Zu request the group leader come in front and choose things that she prepared. My group leader is Farhan. He chooses powder. Woahh… it a little bit hard for us to make the story with that thing.

My group so ‘sempoi’ we discuss together to make the story and we have an idea. Maybe our story not to fun but we try so hard to make it. The story is about one salesman that is Farhan want to sell his powder but at the same time he robs his customers with use the black magic. Urgh…everybody please doesn’t do it. Zana, Nani and I Husna as a customer (1) who have been cheated by the salesman and our worthy thing have be taken.

Ohhh…. So pity right… Nurul and Syakira as a customer (2) who have success not to be cheated by the salesman. The salesman got his punishment because of his mistake. Hahaha…serve him right!!!

Okay until here…bye..bye… Jana (^_^)v

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