Tuesday, 13 September 2011


15/7/2011 (Friday)

Assalamualaikum and hi.... Woaaahhhh...today class is very happening.... Miss Zu want us to act epics Malay movie and English movie. We must combine it to make a story... First impression it to hard but it not. It interesting you knows..... I really love it....My group decided to adapt from Nenek Kebayan and Rapunzel. Hanani and I as the Nenek Kebayan, Kiera as a Rapunzel, Farhan as a Prince, Nurul as a Rapunzel’s father, and Zana as a Rapunzel’s Mother. This story is about Nenek Kebayan  take Rapunzel from her parents and let her to stay in the older building that doesn't has stairs. Everytime Nenek Kebayan want to see her Rapunzel must took down her hair. One dya, Prince see Rapunzel and try to get up but there is o stair and he don't know how to see Rapunzel. He saw how Nenek Kebayan get up and he do the same things and he can get up to see her. Nenek Kebayan know that Rapunzel see someone secretly and she become angry. Lastly, Rapunzel's secret uncoverred and Nenek Kebayan push the prince from the building. The prince get injured and Nenek Kebayan try to take Rapunzel away but she be disturbed by the other Nenek Kebayan. Rapunzel use thet time to run with the prince to her house. After Nenek Kebayan win to her fight she try to catch Rapunzel but she fell into hole and the prince push a big stone into the hole. Nenek Kebayan died and they have a happy life.... Jeng..jeng... my group do it the best. We are the winner because everybody like our story.... Haa.... we are not acting in class but outside. Maybe Miss wants us easy to get idea. Yup miss it the best result you give us change to do work outside class. This is a great moment to my group to remember it..... Okey see next time...Bye.. (^_^)v

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  1. akak suka tengok citer epik purba dongeng kanak2 ni...best :-)


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