Monday, 8 August 2011


23/6/2011 (Thursday)

Today I learn about how to make the introduction. Miss Zue said that there are 7 types of introduction.

Mis Zue told to my class to divide into seven groups to discribe the introduction that she had given. So, we make a group and each group have four members. My group are Nurul, Nani, Zana, and me Husna. We get a contrast introduction and the tittle is about 'Metrosexual Guy'. Tomorrow we going to present the introduction. Insyaallah it will be success.


16/6/2011 (Thursday)

Assalamualaikum. Before that I want to shout as loud as I can because when Miss Zue mention about ‘thesis statement’ I don’t know what it is…. Huh, I fell like I want to get out from that class at that time but I don’t do it because I scared. Thesis statement is tells the reader what the essay about or the main idea for hold essay. We can put sub point at the thesis statement. Ahh.. it also at the and of the introduction. Aishh… it to hard for me to explain this….but I will give some example…
      • Here are some steps we can take to make friend….
      • Here are some tips to do well in examination…

Wergh…I think it over my limit… okay only this that I can write… bye..bye..


14/6/2011 (Tuesday)

Assalamualaikum, we meet again. Today's class is acting again…

Miss Zu request the group leader come in front and choose things that she prepared. My group leader is Farhan. He chooses powder. Woahh… it a little bit hard for us to make the story with that thing.

My group so ‘sempoi’ we discuss together to make the story and we have an idea. Maybe our story not to fun but we try so hard to make it. The story is about one salesman that is Farhan want to sell his powder but at the same time he robs his customers with use the black magic. Urgh…everybody please doesn’t do it. Zana, Nani and I Husna as a customer (1) who have been cheated by the salesman and our worthy thing have be taken.

Ohhh…. So pity right… Nurul and Syakira as a customer (2) who have success not to be cheated by the salesman. The salesman got his punishment because of his mistake. Hahaha…serve him right!!!

Okay until here…bye..bye… Jana (^_^)v


10/6/2011 (Friday)

Assamualaikum and Hi. Today in Bel 120 class I learnt about ‘how to writing an essay’.

There is 4 ways about writing:

Brainstorming is the way when which you collect your idea and then you elaborate your idea. Clustering is you do the mind mapping. Hehehe the last way I really like it. It is a free writing. You just write whatever you think. You don’t need to worry about spelling, topic and grammar, just feel free to write… it fun right?


3/6/2011 (Friday)

Assalamualaikum. Today’s class is reading.

Urgh... that what word were come out of my mouth when miss talk about reading but when we start learn it fun actually and I like it. We just learn about ‘how to answer the question’. We usually, read all the texts that had given but now we no need to read all.  We just can only scanning or skimming. Miss Zu gives handout and she want we try to do it.

I laugh when the text have many weird words. Hahahah....
Seriously I don’t know what type of that language. Ahah... This is what the...


• This is a selective reading skill to locate facts and answers to specific questions.

• Save the time. No need to read every word on the page.

• Examples : timetable, chart, tables.


• Reading skill employed to obtain the general idea of a text, to find out the writer's point of view and to see
  how  the contents in a passage are arranged.

• When a text or a passage is too long and we have limited amount of time, we use this technique.


2/6/2011 (Thursday)

Assalamualaikum. Hi, today my class going to continue the task that Miss Zu gives us about introduce the partner. Miss makes this activity as a game.

The rules of this game are we must introduce a little bit our partner. Than stated 4 facts about the partner and one of it must be false. The other student must identify where the fact is untrue. Who get the true answer will get 1 point for the partners. My partner is Hanani Binti Rahmat. She came from Kluang, Johor.

Sam and her partner Nur get the higher points which are 3 points for them and we just get 2 points only. sad. You know what Sam and Nur are the competitors of my team. hard to indentify which fact the false but it fun.

We felt very lucky we got some point although doesn’t get any point.

BEL 120 CLASS???

31/5/2011 (Tuesday)

Assalamualaikum. Hi, I am Husna from DIIA student and my class is JBM1141A. DIIA stand for Diploma in Investment Analysis. Today is my first Bel 120 class. My lecturer name is Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery and she wants us to call her Miss Zu only. Miss Zu give us explaination about Bel 120. Bel 120 is Consolidating Language Skills. She doesn’t teach us today but she wants us to prepare for ice-breaking session tomorrow. So, she told us to choose our partner and she want us to introduce our partner. First, we must mention a little bit about our partner. Than stated 4 facts about her and 1 of the fact must be the false. The other must guess which facts are false and who can answer that will get 1 point.

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