Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Assalamualaikum. Hemmm...actually today we should learn about nouns but Miss Zu postpones it. Everybody knows about P. Ramlee right? But do everybody like his films? I guess no. That is what I learned in class today. Huh... okay, now let start. Miss Zu divided us into group and we’re doing some acting from some scene in his films. So, my group decided to take a scene in which Do and his wife cheat Do’s father and mother to paid their debt. However, Miss Zu told us to translate the scene in English. Although it look like weird but it is funny. Ah... I forget to list the member’s name in my group. Start with Syakira, Farhan, Hanani, Fauzana, Nurul and last it me, Husna.  Here the characters, Syakira as a Do’s stepmother-in-law, Farhan as a Do’s father-in-law,
Hanani as a Do, Fauzana as a Do’s mother, Nurul as a Do’s wife and me as a storyteller. The moral of this story please don’t lie okay.... That’s all.... Jana (^_^)v

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