Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Assalamulaikum. Today's class we learnt about pronouns.
What is a pronoun??? Hemm..... It is a word that takes place of nouns in sentences. If nouns are used repetitively in a sentence, the sentence will sound dull or boring. Pronouns are used in place of nouns in sentences. They are many different groups of pronouns. They are:

It used to replace the nouns as subjects of a sentence or to replace the nouns as objects of a sentence.
Eg: I, you, he, she, they, them, it, we

    Reflexive pronouns are used to reflect antecedents. Example
    • Herself
    • Himself
    • Itself 
    • Myself 

    Relative pronouns are used to join 2 sentences, take the place of nouns and pronouns in a sentences and refer to nouns or pronouns which come before any relative pronouns. Example
    • That
    • Whose
    • Which
    • That
    • Where
    Interrogative pronouns from question. Example
    • How
    • When 
    • Where
    • What 
    • Why
    • Who



      • This is a selective reading skill to locate facts and answers to specific questions. 
      • Save the time. No need to read every word on the page.
      • example : timetable, chart, tables.


      • Reading skill employed to obtain the general idea of a text, to find out the writer's point of view and to see how the contents in a passage are arranged.
      • When a text or a passage is too long and we have limited amount of time, we use this technique.
      • The speed in which we read is 3 or 4 times faster than the speed of normal reading.
      • When skimming, look for key word and phrases, the headingsor subheadings for the general idea of the passage.


        9/6/2011 (Thursday)

        Assalamualaikum. Ehemm...Alright, today my class learn about nouns...

        What are nouns referring to? It's kind of like, a name of a person, thing, animal, abstract idea and etc.
        For nouns, there is two parts. It's either common nouns or proper nouns.
        Nouns are names that we give to all living and non-living things around us. There are 5 types of nouns. There are proper nouns, common nouns, abstract nouns, Collective nouns, and uncountable nouns.

        PROPER NOUNS: Specific to people, places or thing. Use capital letters for the first of these nouns.

        COMMON NOUNS: Refer to people places things or animal in general.

        ABSTRACT NOUNS: Refer to concepts, qualities, or ideas that are intangible. They cannot be experienced with the 5 sense.

        COLLECTIVE NOUNS: Refer to a group of people or things.

        UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS: Refer to things which cannot be counted.


        Assalamualaikum. Hemmm...actually today we should learn about nouns but Miss Zu postpones it. Everybody knows about P. Ramlee right? But do everybody like his films? I guess no. That is what I learned in class today. Huh... okay, now let start. Miss Zu divided us into group and we’re doing some acting from some scene in his films. So, my group decided to take a scene in which Do and his wife cheat Do’s father and mother to paid their debt. However, Miss Zu told us to translate the scene in English. Although it look like weird but it is funny. Ah... I forget to list the member’s name in my group. Start with Syakira, Farhan, Hanani, Fauzana, Nurul and last it me, Husna.  Here the characters, Syakira as a Do’s stepmother-in-law, Farhan as a Do’s father-in-law,
        Hanani as a Do, Fauzana as a Do’s mother, Nurul as a Do’s wife and me as a storyteller. The moral of this story please don’t lie okay.... That’s all.... Jana (^_^)v

        'GOOD BYE'

        21/6/2011 (Tuesday)

        Assalamualaikum… Woohuuu!!  As usual today class is acting class. Miss Zu gives us the ‘goodbye’ topic and she wants us to choose partner and act in front. Ahh… Before that Miss Zu gives us handout. In that paper many language of goodbye word. Do you want to know? okay let me tell you. Hehehe...

        CHINA : ZAI JIAN

        Okay now, this part about acting. My partner is Zana. We act about the employer says goodbye to her worker after she get fired. Hahaha… the other must have to guess what type of the situation that we act. Today class very interesting...See ya!!! jana!!!
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